Associate degree Facts

Getting an Online education gives  full-time employees, soldiers, those living abroad, stay-at-home parents and disabled people the chance to have access to an accredited college education and the benefits of getting a degree from home . 

While most major online colleges are regionally accredited and some are not it is still a growing trend for business to hire students who have obtained their degree online. Degrees in certain fields are more accepted online than in others, while some programs are less suited for online-only schools.

Many students still do not realize that it usually only takes about 2 years to complete an online associate degree, just about the same time it takes to get the same degree in an actual brick and mortar school. Many students complete associate degrees at local community colleges, and after they’ve completed a program, transfer earned credits to 4-year colleges and universities to enroll in bachelor’s programs, which are usually 60 more credits long. Numerous opportunities are now available for students of all ages because of the growth of online universities and programs. More than 50 percent of all college programs completed online are associate programs.

Each 60-credit associate program is basically the same as other real schools and are composed of general education, major, and elective credits. To complete an associate program in 2 years, students must enroll in 15 credit hours each semester if they plan on being in school for 2 semesters a year. However, students enrolled in online programs can study at their convenience.

Students  who want to complete an associate program quicker can enroll in an accelerated program. Although online programs are completed entirely online, they have many similarities to traditional programs offered on campuses.

It is interesting to note that Associate programs can be completed at technical, community, and 4-year colleges and universities. General education or programs with specific majors are available at the majority of these institutions. There are also vocational training (Associate of Applied Science) programs available for students wanting to develop a specific skill, such as plumbing, automotive repair, etc. In fact, many technology firms heavily recruit individuals with Associate of Applied Science degrees to fill mid-level jobs.

Many associate degrees completed online, whether the emphasis be in science, business, or social science, can be transferred to 4-year schools offering bachelor’s programs.

It is now considered the ‘new normal’ for students to pursue an associates degree online. This new era of education and it’s availability has opened many doors for students who would otherwise not been able to attend a brick and mortar school. Being able to educate oneself online has spread throughout the country as well as throughout the world making it possible for new students to educate themselves.


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