Indiana Institute of Technology Facts

The Indiana Institute of Technology was founded in 1930; It’s current enrollment has more than 7,500 students. 1450 traditional undergraduate students, over 5400 evening/weekend/online undergraduate students and over 600 graduate students.

Indiana Institute of Technology consists of five colleges, College of Business, College of Engineering and Computer Sciences, College of General Studies, College of Professional Studies and the Law School College.

The College of Business offers degrees in accounting and business administration. The business administration programs offer students the opportunity to choose concentrations that fit their career goals including business communications, entrepreneurial studies, financial services, health care administration, human resources, management, management information systems, marketing, and sports management.

The College of Engineering and Computer Sciences offers a variety of degrees for student interested in technology careers. Engineering majors include biomedical, computer, electrical, energy, industrial & manufacturing, and mechanical engineering. Majors in computer science include digital graphics & design, network management, web development, information systems, computer security and investigation, networking, and software engineering.

The College of General Studies rounds out the university’s degree offerings with additional career-oriented degrees. This college includes the School of Education and the Center for Criminal Justice. Other majors include communication, psychology, recreation management, and therapeutic recreation.

The College of Professional Studies adapts selected majors from the other three colleges for an accelerated format. Courses for undergraduate students are generally in 5 week sessions, with 9 sessions scheduled per year. Graduate classes are generally 6 weeks in length; notating that specific accounting and mathematics courses are extended to 10 and 12 weeks, respectively. Indiana Tech holds 8 graduate sessions per year. Classes meet once a week at classroom locations around Indiana, or can be taken online. The College of Professional Studies includes all of the university’s graduate programs.

Indiana Tech Law School began classes in the Fall semester of 2013.

The Indiana Institute of Technology has 8 residences for student housing. Students are required to live on campus but exceptions can be made you are over 21 years of age, live with a relative within 50 miles of campus, are a veteran of the US Armed Forces or have special circumstances that require consideration.

Cost of attendance the Indiana Institute of Technology is approximately $12,900 per semester or $25,940 per year.

Although there are many scholarships available to help to pay for college the following list is of some of the best scholarship and grant opportunities that are available:

  • Indiana Tech presidential scholarship
  • Indiana Tech engineering and Computer Sciences scholarship
  • Indiana Tech educational Excellence scholarship
  • Indiana Tech exercise Science Leadership award

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