Getting Ready For College

If you are one of the millions of students getting ready for college this year you should have much to think about. Questions such as these will probably take most of your attention this year: Where will I go to college? What am I going to study? How will I  apply? and most importantly, How will I pay for my college education?

It may seem like trouble up ahead, but the fact is that you are among millions of students each year who go to college for the first time. They all have to make these decisions. These important decisions can be made with confidence if you take one at a time.

These important questions can be answered more easily by you if you reach out to your counselors and peers as well as doing a little research on your own here on the internet. As we all know, practically everything is on the internet now. This post was written with that in mind. We will not have all your answers but can sure point you in the right direction. Read on for more..

Choosing where to go to college may be one of the first things on your mind as you approach the end of the school year this coming summer. For a complete list of Universities in America you can check out CollegeDriverss university List from A-Z or if you prefer by State.

Most students select a college or university based on what the school has to offer while others make their selection on location or even cost. Whatever you choose you should know that you will be making the right decision. Comparing non-college educated workers versus college educated workers it can be seen that college educated workers earn a great deal more than their less educated peers.

Most non college educated workers are in the American workforce earning less than 50k a year while college educated workers earn anywhere from 30% to 300% more than them. Financially speaking it is very easy to find the reasons to go to college, more money. And we all know that more income leads to a better or more comfortable life.

Finding the right thing to study and major in may be a problem for some but others may have been preparing for their major long before college. Some have even chosen what they want to study and major in during k-12. If you have yet to decide what you want to be or what you want to do to earn a living you may find some comfort in knowing that many other students are in the same situation as you.

While I will not advise you on what to do or what to choose I can give you some pointers. First of all you should try choosing something you can see yourself doing years from now. If you are not comfortable in what you are studying you may be unsuccessful in the future in your field. In order to be successful you should want to and like  your field of study. As the famous saying goes “If you love your job you may never work a day in your life” you should strive for at least as much.

Applying for college may not be as complicated as you think. As far as some forms to fill out and questions to answer and records to produce you will probably not have a problem here. Besides, most colleges go out of their way to help you apply to their school.

The only downside to this is the wait to see if you get accepted or not. But wherever you wind up going you will be alright. The important part is making sure you apply on time. Just as now may appear too soon it is quite the opposite, now is the best time to start considering and making these important decisions as well as selections for your future.

The cost of college for some may be deterrent in selecting the college they want to go to and choosing the college they can afford to go to. Depending on their GPA’s for many this is no problem and the sky is the limit. But for others there may be some caution when making a choice because of the financial issues present in their lives.

There are many types of Grants, Student loans, work study programs and Federal student aid known as FAFSA where a prospective college student can turn to for help in financing their college education. For more on Student aid check out the federal website at .

Whatever you decide be assured that you are on the right track. Just going to college for some is a big deal and they never thought they’d be able to because of their life situations. So, just going to college is a very well made, positive decision. If you have done this much by deciding to go to college you are on the right track and have, not only studying in your future but a good life as well. Good luck!


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