How to study for tests effectively

Image result for studiesBack during my college days I had a big test coming up and needed to study but was having trouble concentrating. Although I had many situations that can qualify as trouble concentrating, I remember one  important particular test in college that really gave me a problem; so much so that I barely passed. One of the biggest reason for this lack of concentration for me was distractions. I was being distracted but did not realize it right away that distractions was my problem.

There are several types of distractions such as physical, emotional, and environmental distractions. Continue reading this post to find out what distraction is yours.

There are many ways to get the best quality study time and these several ways are mostly using common sense others require you to take some simple steps in order to ensure you have a good running start when it comes to your studies.

In order to get the best possible study time you should try the following:

  •  Choose a study area that is free from as many distractions as possible.
  • Designate that study area as your “work space” and do not to use it for anything else
  •  Make sure that your study area is well-lit and well-ventilated, light has a great impact on study quality.
  •  Have all of the required books and materials nearby as to limit the need to get up too often.
  •  Let others know when you are working so that they do not distract you and thereby ruin your chance at good study time.
  • Do not check email or go on social media while studying but instead set aside a specific time to check e-mails, text messages, etc. after you have completed your study work or when you are on a break from your studies.

According to colleges and universities one of the biggest challenges teachers face in the 21st Century college classroom is the struggle of retaining student interest and engagement while students remain connected to the outside world through their smartphone.

It is a very big problem especially when you find it difficult to concentrate because your mind is on your smartphone and all the messages you perceive to be missing and the “need” to know what is going on outside your world – or better yet what is going on in the digital world.

Although Facebook has many good and positive uses, many students find it almost impossible to stay stay away from every message and therefore they put their studies and in some cases their life on hold while they “read” what is going on. So in contrast to the positives Facebook has been and is detrimental to many peoples lives because they can’t seem to pull themselves away from it. They feel the need to be “in the know” 24hrs a day.

Being prepared for a test can make all the difference in the world and can actually result in you passing your test with a high score. And we all know that everyone wants to “ace” their tests. Having a good breakfast which contains protein can help sharpen your mind and give you the food for thought that you need. one of the last things you need is to be hungry during a test.

Making sure you have eaten adequately can impact your attitude not only during a test but also during your study time. Quite frankly, If you want to study in a positive and effective way you need to make sure that you have had a good meal beforehand. If you did not eat and you are having trouble concentrating during your studies, it is probably due to the fact that you are hungry and lack the energy to concentrate.

Having a good protein meal or even a protein bar can change the entire outcome of your studies. You may even find yourself alert so much that you confidence begins to grow and you are no longer nervous about your imminent test. You can also find yourself looking forward to your test which is rare in students because most students dread tests!

Whatever your distraction may be it is essential that you look into it methodically and find what it is that is hindering your studies. After all, you want to do good and not only pass your test but to make it a breeze and ace it too.

Try the some of the steps I mentioned above here on Spinroomer and you wll begin to have a totally different outlook on your studies and perhaps your test results as well. Whatever you think you should do to change your environmental variables or even your emotional attitude by having something to eat you should do it. Let’s face it, not many hungry people maintain a good disposition to others or even to themselves.

People get cranky without food, so go and get something to eat. Oh yeah, I almost forgot, and turn off you phone or make it silent and stop looking at it. Life will continue the same as before you stopped looking at it. you really haven’t missed anything drastically important. After all, most older grownups lived life and have made it this far in life without having had been a slave to their smartphone (mostly because they didn’t have smartphones yet!).

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